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Dog Training Classes

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

–Roger Caras

The right training can turn a decent dog into an excellent dog. The Wilderness Reserve offers dog training classes for gun dog training and dog obedience training to our guests and the local community. Our dog training programs are designed with each customer’s goals in mind. Whether you are seeking to develop your hunting dog or improve the obedience of your companion dog, our dog training classes are tailored to your needs, the breed of you dog, and the personality of your dog.

Our training sessions are designed to offer personalized training for the owner and their dog to teach essential training skills for the lifespan of their canine companion. The goal with each training session is to take your training goals and provide the right balance of training for your dog to effectively achieve your desired results. The right balance of training depends upon the breed and personality of your dog. Our experienced trainers have many years of experience working with several breeds and have an effective ability to read a dog’s personality and disposition to find the right training balance.

About Our Dog Training Classes

We don’t follow a “cookie-cutter” approach to training your dog. Our customized approach is focused on the results you want to achieve through training. Training your dog is a rewarding process that will span the entire life of your canine companion. Participating in training will also improve the quality of life for you, your dog, and your family. Our dog training classes are focused in 2 areas of specialization:

Note: Dogs that are enrolled in our training sessions must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and proof of vaccinations is required. Upon the completion of 4 training sessions, The Wilderness Reserve is offering a free round of sporting clays.

About Our Facilities

There are several advantages to training your dog at The Wilderness Reserve. Working with a professional trainer saves time in producing results. Our trainers have access to the tools necessary for obedience and gun dog training. For gun dog training, the dogs are exposed to actual hunting habitat and birds during real-time training. This allows the dogs to be exposed to a variety of terrain through several scenarios which mimic real hunting situations. In this setting, we are able to focus on the unique training scenarios for flushing dogs, pointers, and retrievers.

If you are considering using us for your dog training needs, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to give you a tour, introduce you to our trainer, and show you the tools and habitat we use for training.

Meet Our Dog Trainer

Walt Noa

Walt Noa is a respected bird dog trainer and upland hunting guide. He has been training dogs of all breeds for decades, and his training includes obedience training, gun dog training, professional guide dogs, and competition champions.

A distinct difference between an average dog trainer and a true professional is the ability to read each dog’s unique personality to find the right balance of training for the dog and the owner. These are skills that are developed over time through working with several dogs throughout the years. By combining Walt’s skills with dogs and his determined patience to teach owners you have a recipe for successful training.

In addition to managing the Black Duck Hunting Preserve of Michigan, Walt makes gun dog training and obedience training an art form with his much sought after talents. His skills are available to guests and the local community in the form of training sessions. Walt admires the uniqueness of our property and is enthusiastic about the training opportunities at our location.